Saturday 16 October was the official opening of the new Feelgood Senter in Lillehammer. The town’s Deputy Mayor Terje Rønning welcomed local residents and Lillehammer Veteran Corps got them into the swing.

Christian Bache, marketing manager at Feelgood, was delighted to see how many of the local residents wanted to find out what the center has to offer. The feedback shows that a “Feelgood fever” has hit the little hammers!

Sven Arne Sylling is the general manager of the newly opened Feelgood center, which is the 12th centre in Innlandets and the 47th nationally in Norway.

Sylling also runs Feelgood centers in Moelv and Brumunddal, and he tells of positive feedback and success stories from satisfied Feelgood users. In addition, more and more members say they have received information about Feelgood from doctors and physiotherapists.

“The doctors and several therapists have begun to see what Feelgood does with public health and how we help to improve the quality of life.  We know what the centres have meant to the users in Moelv and Brumunddal.  Feelgood’s form of exercise has become very popular among people who for various reasons do not want to or cannot go to regular gyms. We call it “public health in practice””

Sven Arne Sylling, General Manager