Over the last two years Shapemaster have invested heavily in refining and delivering a comprehensive and modular training programme to support the needs of all our customers.

Having surveyed end users across a number of sites within the UK it was determined that 82% of those using Shapemaster equipment presented with a long term health condition.

With this in mind we worked closely with healthcare professionals to develop a programme that would introduce various long term health conditions and provide participants with knowledge to understand these, as well as develop specific exercise programmes and look at measurable outcomes.

Ian Barker, Your Leisure Community and Funding Manager commented, “We have worked with Shapemaster for over 5 years and have developed with their support two separate Feelgood Factories. Both are very different in regards to one is in a traditional Leisure centre and the other is in a stand alone venue in a local High Street. We genuinely recognise Shapemaster as one of our most valued partners in our industry in respect of a working relationship built on honesty, trust, cooperative approach and support. Some of the stand out examples are training and outreach support.”

In parallel with the training programme and in collaboration with Sara Payne MBE and Specialist Neurological Physiotherapist Rachel Young, Shapemaster have also developed an ‘educational evening event’ with the purpose of engaging local healthcare professionals and introducing the benefits of power assisted exercise for the neurological population and those living with other long term conditions.

“Our most recent Feelgood Factory in Margate High Street has been open now for 22 months and in that time the Shapemaster team have attended the venue on five separate occasions to deliver various basic and enhanced training, but also to support special events where we are engaging with health professionals and like minded organisations to reach more clients that will benefit the most. They support these events with ‘guest’ speakers such as Dr Sara Payne MBE and Rachel Young, senior lecturer in physiotherapy at Sheffield Hallam University. This support has led to significant results in regards to reaching more clients.” Ian Barker, Your Leisure Community and Funding Manager.

Active Bradley Stoke (operated by Circadian Trust) was the most recent centre to host the event, where over 20 delegates of various healthcare disciplines attended the event.

The next planned event will be 19th March at White Oak Leisure Centre near Dartford. For further information on this, Shapemaster training programmes and educational events, please contact:

Charissa Newsome

E: charissa@shapemaster.co.uk

T: 07557 338 806