Based on data collected from over 300 Shapemaster users across the UK, Shapemaster are proud to publish its latest ‘End User Impact Report’.

The purpose of the report was to develop an understanding of the impact of power assisted exercise amongst current users.

Some of the key headline statistics include:

  • 67 is the average age of Shapemaster users
  • 44% of users visit more than 3 times a week
  • 30% feel that their mobility has improved since using power assisted exercise & 47% say they can now move better
  • 27% say they can now move parts of their body that they couldn’t move before
  • 23% have a more improved social life
  • 85% indicated that they had at least 1 or more long term health condition

Ian Barker, Community and Funding Manager, Your Leisure commented, “Shapemaster continue to be a very valued partner, that are always offering support, training and valuable insights to the capabilities of their product. The most recent end user impact report that they have provided is another example of how they make significant continued contributions to helping us grow our business.

A total of 8 leisure sites took part in the data collection which focussed on 3 key areas:

  • Exercise behaviours of users
  • End user demographic profiles
  • Health & wellbeing impact to users

Ian added, “This valued “insight” information in report format and scrolling video is a great way for staff to educate themselves, so they can inform and encourage clients, but it is also a fantastic marketing tool. What continues to be highlighted is the mental wellbeing that this kind of product supports is as successful as the physical. Our two “Feelgood Factories” do exactly what they say!”

The full report can be downloaded here