Shapemaster members from centres across the UK have proudly taken part in the #Fitness2Me campaign in celebration of ‘National Fitness Day’.

The campaign which encouraged people to take a photo or video of themselves describing what fitness means to them generated huge interest across social media network ‘Twitter’, so much so that #NationalFitnessDay was trending throughout the UK for most of the day.

Managing Director of Shapemaster, Howard Blackburn also took part!

Recognised public figure and UK Active ambassador Tanni Grey Thompson encouraged people to take part in the day too, “There’s not better time to get fitter, healthier and happier. Join the celebrations across the UK and tell @fitnessdayuk how you get on.” wrote Tanni.

Many Shapemaster users shared inspirational messages of what fitness means to them, Pam, a member at the newly refurbished Bridgend Recreation Centre operated by Halo Leisure wrote that fitness to her means “Keeping four operations at bay”.


Mother and daughter members Leigh-ann and Lynne wrote “Improving my health and exercising with mum and friends to extend social interaction”.


See below for more inspirational messages of what fitness means to some of our Shapemaster members!