Health Studio, Sheppey Leisure Complex, Swale Community Leisure (operated by Serco Leisure)

Since its initial launch in March 2019, the Health Studio based at Sheppey Leisure Complex has attracted and engaged over 250 older adults who now take part in regular physical activity.

The space which formerly housed a children’s soft play area has boosted income generation by 1,240% in just 12 months!


Initially the 86m² facility was used as a children’s soft play area and having realised that this had become tired in addition to an increasing number of local product offerings competing for the same business, the team at Sheppey scoped for alternative solutions to maximise on the space.

“We soon realised that there was a key gap in the market which wasn’t supporting adults over the age of 65. Having looked at solutions it became apparent that Shapemaster could address the needs of our aging community. And following the installation we haven’t been disappointed. Infact introducing the health studio has surpassed all of our commercial expectations and has improved the health and wellbeing of so many older adults”.                                                                                Chris Mortimer, Centre Manager, Sheppey Leisure Complex


An initial investment of £83k for refurbishment of room, Shapemaster equipment and additional kit.



The commercial success of the Health Studio has far exceeded expectations (with member base running at 13% above target by close of 2019). As of early January 2020, the centre had 263 members with a monthly direct debit income of £6,700.

In comparison with the 2018 income generation for the space, 2019 reported a 1,240% increase in income generation!

“We are incredibly happy with the performance of the health studio and are currently looking to increase opening hours and develop specialist access sessions to meet demand and support local vulnerable groups” Chris Mortimer, Centre Manager, Sheppey Leisure Complex


Following a preliminary survey amongst some of the centre’s members with an average age of 68, the impact to health & wellbeing was significant!

  • 94% of members indicated that they were living with one or more long term health condition
  • 71% say they can move better since using the facility
  • 59% say their mobility has improved
  • 35% say they can move parts of the body that they couldn’t move before
  • 47% indicated that their pain had reduced or gone

“I wasn’t able to walk at all before, and now I can walk a little”  Female user, age 66

“I have found that my knees and legs are really benefiting from using the machines” Female user, age 64

“Absolutely brilliant and makes me feel good, good, good! Female user, age 69

Members also reported improvements within their social experience, with 57% saying that it had improved their social lives.

“I didn’t expect it to be so social. I’ve made new friends and we’ve been out for meals together and are looking forward to shopping together when the weather improves” Female user, aged 72

Further information on the services offered at Sheppey Leisure Complex can be found here