Shapemaster is a UK manufacturer of power assisted exercise equipment. Our equipment is used in leisure and therapy settings around the world, such as gyms and leisure centres, hotels, boutique gyms, care homes, therapy/rehabilitation centres and in hospitals.

Shapemaster equipment is designed for people of any age who seek an exercise or therapy solution that differs from traditional gyms. Older exercisers are attracted to our equipment and typically 80% of users are female.

We invite interest from potential distributors for Belgium and The Netherlands who can help us seize the opportunity to provide for an overlooked market and create vibrant business opportunities for entrepreneurs and gym operators in the countries. We aim to start work together in January 2021.


We would like to hear from distributors with expertise, experience and networks to promote the concept to potential buyers who will operate Shapemaster suites either within established leisure centres, hotels or create new high-street boutique gyms.

The distributor’s buyers could include individuals looking to set up a single gym or businesses and entrepreneurs with the ambition to roll out many other sites.

We are looking for ambitious and driven distributors with a plan to generate an agreed level of sales over a five-year period with potential for an upgrade/replacement sales cycle. The distributor will have responsibility for all areas of the sale, installation, training and servicing, which together make a substantial business model. They could generate additional business with fit-out or creating a licenced operator model if they wished.

Distributors will be supported by our Business Development Manager, David Heathcote, in the Shapemaster UK HQ and, in year one, our consultant Hans Muench.

Thank you for considering an exciting partnership with Shapemaster.

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