Shapemaster Scandinavia opened its 44th ‘Feelgood’ franchise in Toten in Norway on Tuesday 3rd August. Located in Lena, the central town in Toten, the new facility is a dedicated Shapemaster centre and will provide an exciting new concept for local people.

A country with a population of approx. 5.3 million, the Norwegian franchise model has really taken off in recent years as it is seen as a solution for everyone, no matter what their level of ability. Feelgood is quickly becoming one of the largest fitness and health brands in the country.

The centre has been opened by two sisters, Live and Kjersti. Liv who is a qualified nurse and dementia counsellor locally saw the concept and, having researched the model and its benefits for end users, fell for the values and impact ​​the equipment and franchise stand for.

“Since I work a lot with those with dementia, I see what can happen if you do not take care of your body and mind. It is incredibly important that people keep going, even after retirement. I really believe it is something society needs more of” says Liv Karin.

“It’s about working preventively so you can manage all the everyday things that you otherwise take for granted. Suddenly it can be tiring to just tie your shoes, and then you realise you need to do something about it. We really highlight the importance of taking care of yourself so you can have a long and good life” she continued.

Kjersti is a local hairdresser and she wanted to create a safe and social exercise environment for local people.

Official Opening

The local Mayor, Tove Beate, officially opened the centre and is a strong advocate for the new facility. With one of the five main aims of the municipality being to improve public health and everyday life for local citizens, she feels the centre will go a long way to addressing this aim for the 15k population across Toten.

“I have an old mother of 85 years who has signed up for a free trial lesson. She wondered if I wanted to join and of course I will. But it will not only be as a companion because I will train there myself. This is a great facility for all of us locally and that provides a new opportunity in Lena” commented Tove Beate.

Shapemaster Scandinavia CEO, Truls Nebell, said: “The Feelgood franchise provides a unique business opportunity for health entrepreneurs and we are proud to welcome Liv and Kjersti to the family.”

From its UK headquarters, Shapemaster’s Head of Business Development, David Heathcote, said: “Congratulations to Liv and Kjersti on opening their new Feelgood Centre. We wish them every happiness and success for the future and send them our thanks for choosing Shapemaster. Fun, sociable and sustainable exercise is a critical part of the world’s recovery from the pandemic and the suite will be a critical asset to the town of Lena.

We’d also like to congratulate Truls Nebell and his team at Shapemaster Scandinavia on launching their 44th Feelgood Centre. With every new site, we improve lives.”