Feelgood Scandinavia, Europe’s largest Shapemaster franchisee has opened its first centre in Germany, in the town of Prien. Initially due to launch in 2020, the much anticipated opening was delayed due to Covid, but with the reopening of leisure and fitness facilities the centre’s arrival is timed perfectly to help locals get back in to healthy exercise habits.

A sister of the first Feelgood centre in Austria (Mondsee), Andrea Wohrer is extremely excited about the centre’s potential and what it can offer to improve the quality of life for the residents of Prien. Although Andrea herself has little experience in the fitness industry she was excited about the opportunity to offer a safe exercise environment for older adults locally and, having visited the Austrian centre and learned from her sister’s experience, she felt it was an opportunity that was too good to let go.

Official Opening

Andrea commented ‘I know how important it is to keep moving at all ages. Feelgood offers a different and gentle type of training and mobilisation that helps older people feel more comfortable and encourages continuity of exercise as the years pass. I also see Feelgood as a meeting place where well-being and social connections and friendships come first, and I am passionate about improving health locally.’

With a local population of almost 12,000 people and an ageing population, the centre offers a perfect opportunity for local residents to get and stay active. Andrea and her husband have lived locally for over 20 years and have many contacts through her husband’s car repair business.

Andreas Hartz who manages distribution in the German and Austrian market said, ‘This is a really exciting time for us in Germany, especially now that we have finally got the first centre open. We’ve had to be patient due to the restrictions of the last 18 months but now that the industry is opening up we know there is huge potential across the country (and in Austria too). We have big ambitions over the next 2-3 years and, just like in Norway, we know Feelgood will grow and expand because of the uniqueness of the franchise and the benefits it offers to so many people.’

David Heathcote, head of business development at Shapemaster, commented ‘We are delighted to see our first suite in Germany, and continued growth in Europe. We wish Andrea and her new members all the very best and congratulate Andreas Hartz for the first step in an exciting journey in Germany.’

The Feelgood centre is open seven days a week, 365 days a year with support from Andrea and her team. In the first year Andrea is aiming to attract 200-250 members but as the benefits of visiting the centre become apparent, she expects numbers to continue to grow – after all there is nothing else locally that can offer the same experience!