Falls and fractures among people aged 65 and over account for over 4 million hospital bed days each year in England alone (Falls prevention exercise: following the evidence Age UK). The associated healthcare costs are estimated at £2 billion per annum. Care home residents account for up to 20% of hip fracture admissions.

Falls resulting in injury are the leading cause of accident-related mortality among older people. After a fall, an older person has a 50% chance of having seriously impaired mobility and a 10% chance of dying within a year.

Physical exercise/ activity plays a vital role within falls prevention in older adults and this is supported by both government recommended guidelines (30 mins of exercise five or more times a week) and AgeUK who advise undertaking activities to improve muscle strength and balance training.

In addition the NICE quality standard 2014 Falls in Older People states:

Strength and balance training is recommended. Those most likely to benefit are older people living in the community with a history of recurrent falls and/or balance and gait deficit. A muscle strengthening and balance programme should be offered.


An independent study in the effectiveness of Shapemaster equipment on those whose average age was 75 resulted in:

  • Increased balance by over 30%
  • Arm strength increased by 33%
  • Leg strength increased by 34%
  • Increased upper body strength by 50%
  • Increased mobility 30%

In addition, care providers like Silk Healthcare, The Links, Hillcrest Care Home Ltd, Seacroft Grange Care Village and the Wilverley Association are enjoying positive outcomes from their residents who are using Shapemaster via their activity co-ordinated programmes.

We have installed the Enabler in our activity room and it is accessible to all of our residents and is proving to be very popular, creating a real buzz in the home with residents all keen to have a go. It has not only provided great excitement but has extremely valuable health benefits. By strengthening the legs, arms and knees it can help with mobility as seen with Alice, and also strengthen pelvic muscles thereby reducing the loss of bladder and bowel control and encouraging ongoing good health. All of this can add to maintaining the dignity and independence of our residents.
Tony Grundy, Activity Manager, Silk, Heather Grange


There are around 850,000 people living with dementia in the UK, and this number is forecast to increase to over 1 million by 2025 and over 2 million by 2051. There approximately 40,000 people with early onset of dementia (onset before the age of 65).

The total cost of dementia in the UK is £26.3 Billion, the NHS picks up £4.3 billion of the costs and social care £10.3.


Studies show that regular exercise can help reduce the risk of dementia by 30% and the risk of Alzeimer’s disease the by 45%.

The difference that Shapemaster equipment has made to the quality of life for our residents is simply outstanding. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Shapemaster equipment to other care homes and can honestly say I have never before seen an exercise solution which works so well. It’s simply life changing.
Carole Hunt, General Manager, Hillcrest Care Home