Dagfinn Enerly is a Norwegian premiership footballer who in 2005 suffered an injury to his neck whilst 5 minutes into the final game of the season against Fredikstad FC. His injury left him with C2, C3 and C4 fractures as well as a prolapse in the neck which subsequently left him in a wheelchair.

Today, Dagfinn shares his energy and excitement of starting his own Feelgood Centre together with his wife Mona which enables them to use their burning commitment to help others by offering life-changing training that Shapemaster power assisted exercise equipment makes possible.

After the launch of his new Feelgood Centre in Rygge Norway, Dagfinn commented “We are absolutely loving it! This is so much fun. Just to see so many people benefiting from this activity is just fantastic. If I can exercise here – anyone can!”

After initially being introduced to Shapemasters’ power assisted exercise equipment by a friend, Dagfinn immediately warmed to the equipment, ” I can get the assistance I need to do each exercise correctly whilst at the same time I can use my own strength. I feel it has had a great impact on my body, everything from sleep quality, weight loss, digestive system and a lot more have improved since I started using the machines.”

Throughout the 15 years of using a wheelchair, Dagfinn had been offered various treatments from mild exercise to surgery and everything else in between, “Nothing has come close to the stimulation these machines provide and training with these power assisted exercise machines is a massive help to my goal of walking again.”

Dagfinn also talks of his enjoyment of being able to give other people a better daily life, “Feelgood is not just about exercising, but has a very strong social factor. Many days I just sit in centre and observe how this impacts people. Seeing their feeling of achievement, many of whom have never been to a gym and here they are using the equipment and feeling joy and excitement by the way their bodies respond, becoming more flexible and improving their balance and stamina.”

Working with Mona, his wife, Dagfinn jokes that she is the boss and he drives around the centre making sure everyone and everything is ok, “Working with Feelgood simply gives a lot back to me too. The way I look forward to going to bed at night, knowing that when the morning comes I will be going to work. I sincerely recommend this to everyone, it really could make a huge difference to your health.”