Stuart Nevin is an Active Lives Officer for Lancaster County Council he is also a Community Wellbeing Activist, Personal Trainer,Fitness Instructor and Sports Coach to name but a few! He is also currently training for various ultras and endurance events recently wrote a blog post praising the use of power assisted exercise.

Here’s an extract of his blog post (full posting can be found here)

“No Stranger to doing things differently after some discussion I decided apprehensively to add these Shapemaster training sessions to my routine, thinking it was another gimmick that the fitness industry was pushing forward. You see the tendency when you have some success at sport or fall into a certain attitude regard around what training should consist of is that you become narrow minded to new ideas ? I call it FGS ( No not Gor Goodness Sake /Fitness Guru Syndrome, we all now the types.

After just a few weeks using them I’m already reaping the benefits as corny as that sounds.

Stuart warming up on Shapemaster equipment at Salt Ayre Leisure Centre in Lancaster.

After some of my longer runs when my lower back and spine has felt a little tight and compressed they have been amazing at helping loosen me up , Some of the glute and hamstring stretches I can get on these machines are ? They definitely help me to recover faster.

Thus I’m able to stay on top of the daily miles and training . With the race schedule I’ve got this year I need to stay slick, supple and injury free so they’ve been a great addition and while I admit I was a little bit sceptical I have been converted.

It’ll be interesting to see how this new edition has worked in several months and whether the naysayers FGS are all walking around injured as per usual.

Session wise it takes no longer than 30 mins to get around all the machines and is very relaxing and none strenuous.

I would seriously recommend trying these out they’re mint!”