As we approach the end of ‘Mental Health Awareness Week 2020’ we look at what impact the role of power assisted exercise could play in supporting people struggling with their own mental health.

Following a survey conducted amongst end users of power assisted exercise who identified has having a mental health related condition, the data revealed very positive results, with 67% indicating that they generally feel better since using power assisted exercise.

Furthermore, 17% said they now go outside more whilst 39% say that their social life had much improved.

“After I lost my husband 9 years ago I had bad depression, as we had been married 48 years. I still have my bad days but more good than bad and my loneliness has improved”. Grace, aged 77, service user at Grimsby Leisure Centre

Of those who took part in the survey across various leisure sites within the UK, 53% strongly agreed that power assisted exercise had a positive impact on their health & wellbeing. The data also showed 42% were exercising more than 3 times each week.

Social Impact & Loneliness

Age UK reported that two fifths of all older people (about 3.9 million) say that television is their main form of company. Researchers from the LSE have estimated that the UK’s “epidemic of loneliness” costs £6,000 per person for a decade of an older person’s life in health costs and pressure on local services. However, they also say that for every £1 spent on preventing loneliness, there’s the potential to save £3.

42% of those surveyed reported that the social aspect of what a power assisted exercise facility offers was their primary motivating factor for attending the facility, and with 67 being the average age of Shapemaster users here in the UK it certainly gives food for thought on how facilities like these can support the mental health and wellbeing of an ageing population.

“Friendly atmosphere! I feel happier when I’ve have visited the suite”. Alice, aged 61, service user at White Oak Leisure Centre

“I didn’t expect it to be so social. I’ve made new friends and we’ve been out for a few meals together, and we’re looking forward to going shopping together when the weather improves”. Sue, aged 72, service user at Sheppey Health Suite

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