The importance of physical activity for those living with MS was a key message at the MS Society- Lancaster, Morecambe and District Group conference which took place on 19th October.

The conference which focussed on ‘Symptom Management’ attracted both health care professionals and those living with Multiple Sclerosis.

Guest speakers included Dr Susan Kohlhaas, Director of Research at the MS Society who outlined current research projects and priorities of the Charity including fatigue treatments and improved mobility for those living with MS.

Local Neuro Physiotherapist, Anna Lamoury spoke of the benefits of exercise and how the introduction of a local MS exercise class has benefited the local community.

The Shapemaster team also presented the benefits of power assisted exercise and discussed research findings from data collected across various UK centres which detailed that 82% of Shapemaster users present with one or more long term health condition (20% presenting with a long term neurological condition).

Hannah Wright, Physiotherapist, Sheffield Neuro Physiotherapy commented, “There are so many barriers to exercise for people living with MS including access to equipment and facilities, fatigue, fear of triggering a relapse and limited confidence. However power assisted exercise really does offer immense value in supporting physical needs, emotional health and wellbeing and cognition. We’ve seen significant benefits from people living with MS who access power assisted exercise including an increase in grip strength and functional ambulation”.

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