Over the years a ‘Tone & Swim’ membership has been the standard membership package for most leisure centres within the UK and a model that still works well today considering the demographic of Shapemaster users.

However there seems to be an emerging trend of including ‘low impact circuit classes’ to accompany a Shapemaster membership.

Two sites that seem to be demonstrating this exceptionally well are GLL’s Hatfield Leisure Centre and Lincs Inspire, Grimsby Leisure Centre, the latter attracting in excess of 60 older adults each Monday morning to engage in a one hour circuit class which includes walking and a number of pop stations from weights, therabands and cycles.

Ian Shorley-Harlow, Fitness Manager, Lincs Inspire Commented, “The setting up of low impact circuits & seated chair classes, have proven to be invaluable on various levels to both members & ourselves. Not only have these classes clearly helped us to provide a clear pathway for members of the toning suite to access, but they have also given progression and a self-satisfaction to members in terms of achievement, combined with a heavy influence of socialising, we offer tea and coffee after each class.”

Due to the popularity of the circuit class a further two classes were added to the weekly schedule to meet demand and unload some of the pressure from the toning suite which is running near capacity.  Ian added, “In terms of us & our booking system, it has enabled us to transition members, and has freed up valuable appointments. Staff also get the satisfaction of seeing members progress and attain their goals. Accessibility to these classes, is for absolutely anyone, of any ability”.

It’s worth noting that a large number of members truly make a day of the exercise offering with many older adults engaging in both the toning suite, low impact circuit and chair based exercise class which not only attracts older adults but those with long term health conditions and physical disabilities.

More information on facilities and classes offered by Lincs Inspire can be found here.