The toning suite at Grimsby leisure centre has been part of the product offering for over 10 years at the site. In 2016 the suite was refurbished along with a complete upgrade of equipment totalling 16 Shapemaster stations running across two circuits.

The average age of members is 66 and 65% of these visit the centre twice a week. 41% of members have been using the facility for over 2 years.


Around £60k investment for equipment and refurbishment of room.

“We would highly recommend Shapemaster and their equipment. The support they have given us over the years has been tremendous. They’ve always listened to our feedback and been attentive to our needs which has helped us grow as a business, but most importantly, it has allowed us to support and improve the health and wellbeing of our local community.”

Ben Frary, Operations Officer, Lincs Inspire

Commercial Success

The suite currently generates around £9,900 per month and attracts 450 people each week, which is now nearing capacity.

50% of the footfall is generated by the ‘Active Forever’ referral pathway with around 20 members each month transitioning to other areas of the leisure centre including traditional gym. Progressing clients has become essential as this allows for new members (approximately 20 new members each month) to access the toning suite.

“There are so many heart-warming stories which have all started within our Shapemaster Toning Suite. The suite gives our customers the opportunity to make a positive change to their physical and mental wellbeing whilst providing an environment to meet a new circle of friends. For us, the social element is just as important to an individual’s long term development.”

Ben Frary, Operations Officer, Lincs Inspire

“My loneliness has improved as after I lost my husband 9 years ago I had bad depression, as we had been married 48 years. I still have my bad days but more good than bad”

Female member, aged 77 at Grimsby Leisure Centre

Health & Wellbeing

Following a survey conducted amongst 20% of members, the impact to health and wellbeing was significant:

  • 66% said their primary reason for using the centre was due to medical related conditions
  • 64% say they have generally felt better since using the centre whilst 39% claim that their mobility has improved
  • 59% agreed that their walking ability had improved
  • 58% indicated that one or more of their health concerns had reduced

It’s worth noting that 91% of participants indicated that they had a medical condition. In many cases they indicated 2 or more conditions.


If you’d like to discuss installing a power-assisted studio in your facilities please contact our team for more information.