Following the reopening of leisure facilities last week, the team at Grimsby Leisure Centre have been inundated with bookings for their power assisted exercise suite which attracts many older adults and people living with a wide range of long term health conditions.

Ian Shorley Harlow, Health and Wellbeing Fitness Supervisor commented, “We are absolutely delighted with the response we have had from our members. At present we are currently running just over 90% confirmed bookings”.

As with many leisure centres, new modelling and health and safety practices have come into play for the team. These include 1 hour slots enabling members to exercise safely, cleaning equipment after each use with a further deep clean after each session.

Ian added, “The new model seems to be working well and members have fedback that they feel comfortable and confident in exercising with us”.

Prior to lockdown, a survey was conducted amongst members at the facility which reported:

  • 66 was the average age of members
  • 65% of members visited the power assisted exercise suite twice a week
  • 91% of participants indicated that they had a medical condition. In many cases they indicated 2 or more conditions.
  • 41% have been using the centre for 2 or more years
  • 66% said their primary reason for using the centre was due to medical related conditions
  • 64% say they have generally felt better since using the centre whilst 39% claim that their mobility has improved
  • 59% agreed that their walking ability had improved
  • 58% indicated that one or more of their health concerns had reduced
  • 59% agreed that the centre offers good value for money, whilst 41% strongly agreed

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