Shapemaster are proud to be the sole supplier of exercise equipment at the recently launched Health Shack, a new health & Wellness Centre in Huddersfield which provides power assisted exercise & health education for those with rehabilitation needs, ongoing physical conditions and mental health concerns including dementia.

Child protection campaigner and stroke rehabilitation ambassador Sara Payne launched the centre alongside the Deputy Mayor of Huddersfield, Christine Iredale & her Consort Robert. Sara Commented, “Centres like Health Shack offer immense value to those living with long term conditions and those recovering from brain injury like myself”. Sara suffered a massive stroke 7 years ago which left her with left side paralysis and limited mobility, she added, “A lot of people who experience a stroke find it very difficult to move forward. I myself hit a plateau in my recovery but I found by doing gentle exercise in an assisted manner naturally got my body moving and exercising muscles that had not been used in a very long time. I can’t express the immense value of centres like these, not only in terms of the unique equipment offering but for the strong social and support value that users receive”.

Managing Director, Annette Purves added, “We’ve only been open a couple of weeks and have already attracted a lot of attention, particularly with the older population and those living with various long term health conditions”. Annette who brings with her many years of healthcare experience including dementia management, occupational therapy and neuro rehabilitation added, “The equipment can really benefit those who are overweight too, particularly those with hidden visceral fat who are at high risk of heart attack and stroke”.

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