In November 2015 Shapemaster awarded Grimsby Leisure Centre’s Toning Suite a special recognition award for their innovative approach and integration of power assisted exercise equipment, within a wider centre setting.

Charissa Newsome, Marketing Manager at Shapemaster Global, explained: “The award was in response to observation and feedback from users who access the centre. Many of the participants we spoke to reported noticeable improvements to both mobility and an increase in the quality of their day to day living.” She added: “In addition, the skillset and care offered by staff was perceived as inspirational! The team at Grimsby Leisure Centre are inspirational and the facilities offered are a beacon of what is truly ‘inclusive & accessible’. All leisure centres in the UK should take note!”

The Toning Suite at Grimsby Leisure Centre offers a relaxing and gentle form of exercise, ideal for rehabilitation, those not used to exercise, or those suffering from a long term illness or medical condition. The centre has 11 pieces of toning equipment which include both toning tables and toning chairs. They have minimal impact or strain on the body and are also good for people with joint problems.

Maurice Scott (83), has seen a noticeable improvement in his wellbeing, he said: “I came with back trouble and it seems to be doing it good. I come twice a week and I feel marvellous! When you come out you feel great. You get the advice from the experts and they put you on the machines that suit you, which is very good. Exercise is good for anybody, whatever age, and this is designed for people my age and it’s not too strenuous. I’ve lost weight and feel fitter.”

Rita (82), who has been attending the Toning Suite for almost two years, said: “I really feel fit and well and walk straight when I come out, it really is a boost!” She added: “I’m walking better than I have done, because I’ve had problems with my hips and knees for twenty odd years now. It really has helped me. It’s a place for me to come and know I’m doing alright.”

As well as the improved mobility and wellbeing attained by users of the Toning Suite, the social value offered by Lincs Inspire’s staff members and other participants is a big motivator for users.

Dot Wilkinson (82), who makes regular use of the facility, explained: “You socialise with the people you meet, which is good, especially when you’re retired. I come twice a week and I feel better for coming. I do feel different if I don’t come. I enjoy the company and feel at my age that I can still do something, which is important to keep you going; especially now we all seem to be living older! It’s very good.”

It’s not simply the elderly, who make use of the Toning Suite, as Ben Frary, Disability Sports Coordinator for Lincs Inspire Ltd, explained: “For a lot of people it’s allowing them to do the day-to-day tasks that they haven’t been able to do for a while, whereas for your long term illnesses, such as Parkinson’s or Stroke, it’s building the strength back up in the body.”

The inclusivity and accessibility of the facilities alongside the innovative approach of its staff mean that a wide variety of people can utilise the Toning Suite to improve their overall health and wellbeing, as Ian Shorley-Harlow, Health & Wellbeing Fitness Instructor for Lincs Inspire Ltd, explained: “We’ve had people that have sort of been written off, and they think there is absolutely nothing for them, then they come in here see that there is something they can do, because we’ll accommodate. If they’re not able to use their lower half, then we’ll just work the top half. Or, if they can only work one side, we’ll work one side. So we will invariably find something for someone to be able to do, so they go away with a sense of achievement and realise that there is something they can do. The benefit they get out of that is massive!” He added: “Medical conditions aside, they are just brilliant for flexibility and range of movement. In the gym I don’t think you would get the range of movements that some of these machines offer.”

Liz Foden, Health and Wellbeing Therapist for Lincs Inspire Ltd, said: “The way they work is unique, it’s an assisted form of exercise which is completely different to the gym. It’s very rewarding, especially when you see the progress people make.”

To find out more about the Toning Suite within Grimsby Leisure Centre visit: or call (01472) 323100.

View the video below to hear what some of Grimsby’s members have to say: