After 10 years of running its flagship Shapemaster suite in the UK, Lincs Inspire invested in an additional circuit of power assisted exercise machines to create a Wellness Hub within Grimsby Health & Wellbeing Centre.

The Wellness Hub now has 22 Shapemaster machines across three rooms.


Around £60k investment for equipment and refurbishment of room.

Stepping Stone to Wellness

“The hub is designed as an inclusive ground floor facility for all customers including those who are living with long term medical conditions or undergoing post-operative rehabilitation. Very different to a traditional fitness gym, the specialist equipment central to the Wellness Hub uses an electronic power system meaning that users can work passively or actively depending on their physical condition or ability.”

Rob Allison, operations manager for Grimsby Health & Wellbeing Centre

Shining Example

“The team at Grimsby Leisure Centre and Lincs Inspire are true pioneers in specialist exercise and programmes for older adults and those with long term conditions. The expansion of their existing ‘wellness’ offering is a shining example of how to support and engage older populations and communities, improving health and wellbeing, whilst supporting the NHS and many other local services in what they deliver. We are so proud to be part of their ongoing programming and this further development.”

David Heathcote, Head of Development, Shapemaster

In recognition of their dedication to providing exercise for older adults and those living with various health conditions, Shapemaster was proud to present the team with the first Centre of Excellence Award 2022.

At Grimsby we are seeing something transformative. We wish we could pick this model up and drop it in every community around the UK.

“According to Government’s statistics, 80% of the cost of the problems associated with lack of exercise and poor eating are preventable. If we could reproduce what Lincs Inspire and the team have done here in Grimsby all over the country, we would not only save the NHS so much money, but we would be giving so many people their lives back.”

Howard Blackburn, Managing Director, Shapemaster


The investment for equipment and refurbishment of the rooms received support from Sport England and North East Lincolnshire Council adding to Lincs Inspire’s own investment.

Commercial Success

Prior to Covid lockdown and the addition of the third circuit, the equipment generated around £10k per month from a customer base of 470 members. This income did not include secondary spend, such as in the café.

50% of the footfall is generated by the ‘Active Forever’ referral pathway with around 20 members each month transitioning to other areas of the leisure centre including traditional gym. Progressing clients has become essential as this allows for new members (approximately 20 new members each month) to access the Wellness Hub.

At least 70% of those attending on referral pathways convert to full membership.

Health & Wellbeing

The average age of members is 66 and 75% of these visit the centre three or more times a week. 41% of members have been using the facility for over 2 years.

Following a survey conducted amongst members, the impact to health and wellbeing was significant:

  • 66% said their primary reason for using the centre was due to medical related conditions
  • 64% say they have generally felt better since using the centre whilst 39% claim that their mobility has improved
  • 59% agreed that their walking ability had improved
  • 58% indicated that one or more of their health concerns had reduced
  • 91% of participants indicated that they had one or more medical conditions.

Long Covid

Lincs Inspire will be running Long Covid sessions in the Wellness Hub from early 2022, offering people a gentle opportunity to recover their strength and stamina. Amongst others recovering from the effects of Covid, the centre welcomed a young Long Covid patient, Jacob (aged 11), to the Wellness Hub in autumn 2021 as part of his recovery.

If you’d like to discuss installing a power-assisted studio in your facilities please contact our team for more information.