Having closed their doors due to the COVID crisis back in March, the team at Feelgood Ivybridge are getting ready to re-open by investing in three new pieces of power assisted exercise equipment provided by Shapemaster.

Margot Davies, who owns the facility commented “We are really excited to have received the new equipment in time for when we reopen on 6th July. Our members have already expressed how excited they are to be returning after lockdown, and the new equipment will really help to engage them and achieve new goals”.

The centre which launched in November 2019 had attracted nearly one hundred members prior to lockdown, creating a vibrant social hub within the local community that many came to rely on.

Alex Dailly, Operations Director for Shapemaster added, “The team at Feelgood Ivybridge operate a vibrant and successful centre for a wide variety of people including older adults and those living with long term conditions. As most facilities across the UK have hit the pause button on expanding service offerings during COVID, Margot and team have really demonstrated confidence not only in Shapemaster but within the needs of their members who will be ready to get moving again”.

The team at Feelgood Ivybridge continue to prepare for their 6th July reopening and have implemented a health and safety policy to support the guidelines for social distancing. Margot added, “The health and safety of our members is our upmost priority and the safeguarding policies that we have in place are in line with Government guidelines. Members can expect to receive the first rate service they’ve come to trust from us without compromising on their safety or experience of our service”.

More information on Feelgood Ivybridge can be found here: http://feelgoodivybridge.co.uk/

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