Shapemaster is proud to announce that the University of Huddersfield has confirmed the award of PhD for our product development engineer, Matt Holland.

Dr Holland joined Shapemaster as an associate on a Knowledge Transfer Partnership with Manchester Metropolitan University and will formally join the company’s business development team on completion of the KTP in August 2022.

Managing Director of Shapemaster, Howard Blackburn says: “Shapemaster is a knowledge-led company and we are delighted to benefit from Matt’s skills in our product development division. Congratulations, Dr Holland!”

Matt Holland says: “It’s a huge honour to receive a doctorate from Huddersfield University, which has an enviable reputation for excellence in engineering. I am fortunate to apply my passion for engineering at Shapemaster, whose mission to create innovative products to help people remain physically and socially and active in the second half of their lives, is more important now than ever.”