With a dedicated space of 60m² and 12 station Shapemaster circuit, the Bodytone suite at Active Bradley Stoke in South Gloucestershire proved to be so successful that after three months of opening they extended opening hours to meet demand.

“We have been very pleased with the success of our Shapemaster Toning Suite. Our original forecasts assumed the membership would reach maturity in 2-3 years. In fact we achieved 65% of this target and positive cash flow in just 3 months and reached our 2 year membership target by the time 12 months had elapsed. Furthermore the membership continues to grow and surpass our expectations”

Ben Beasley, Director of Commercial Development, Circadian Trust

Commercial Success

By month one the facility had 87 members and then rocketed to 263 members by month 3.

To help Circadian Trust decide whether Shapemaster was the right solution for them, our Business Development Team presented a Business Impact Study to the management.

This included a demographic analysis and an income generation forecast along with key information on what elements make a successful Shapemaster suite within a leisure centre.

Shapemaster provided support in three months prior to installation, covering all aspects of the proces:

  • Sales and marketing training and support
  • Advice on operating a Shapemaster suite and membership management
  • Installation timeline and liasing with key people
  • Orientation for all staff involved in the member journey

“The Shapemaster team supported us from the outset in preparation for the launch of our new toning suite at Active Bradley Stoke which has introduced a whole new demographic of people into the centre who might not otherwise come through our doors”

Dave Smele, Head of Healthy Lifestyles, Circadian Trust

The toning suite has complimented our main fitness suite, where membership has also continued to grow as the two products attract different market segments. We have a fantastic team of staff that have created a sociable club atmosphere, resulting in a low attrition averaging 2.4% which has contributed to the rapid growth. The net effect was a return on investment in just under one year.

Ben Beasley, Director of Commercial Development, Circadian Trust

If you’d like to discuss installing a power-assisted studio in your facilities and see the amazing success that Circadian Trust have experienced, please contact our team for more information.