Why Shapemaster?

Shapemaster compliments traditional leisure centre equipment, helping to provide a wider section of the community by increasing social inclusion. Shapemaster are social hubs and brings the benefit of exercise to:

  • The over 55s
  • Disabled, poor mobility and those living with long term health conditions
  • The body conscious
  • Anyone who wants to try a different way to exercise


  • Attracts new income
  • Engages older adults
  • Supports those with limited mobility
  • Helps manage long term conditions
  • Reduces social isolation
  • Modelling promotes  COVID secure exercise


To discover how Shapemaster can attract new income and engage older adults at your leisure centre, simply fill in our contact form and request our free headline business case which will identify target market and annual potential income.

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Supporting Older Adults

A recent survey conducted amongst Shapemaster members at leisure centres around the UK reported that 56% fell into the 65+ age bracket. Of these 48% said they visited the leisure centre more than 3 times each week.

Other headline results included:

  • 70% say they can move better
  • 33% indicate that their mobility has improved
  • 27% say they can move parts of their body that they couldn’t move before
  • 24% say their social life has improved
  • 22% indicate they can walk further

Social Inclusivity

A key part of Shapemaster suites is a vibrant social life. Unlike a traditional gym, Shapemaster suites create a fun, happy atmosphere in which people enjoy exercise and look forward to - and- plan their next visit. When staffed by those who understand the equipment and the people who use it, they will generate a great experience and encourage new friendships.

This is partly why members exercise on average 3 to 5 times per week!

Commercial Success

Shapemaster offers a commercial advantage helping you benefit from 40% of your local population overlooked by your competition. Leisure centres can generate upwards of £100k new annual income from a loyal market.

Over 5 years, each small space can generate £300k to £500k profit to invest elsewhere.

Case Studies

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