The charity, Basingstoke Sports Trust, has launched their second ‘Move’ wellbeing suite within just three months of each other.

Based at the Trust’s Newbury site, BST Fitness on Parkway, Move is designed for older adults and those living with long term health conditions.  The suite boasts 12 power-assisted exercise machines supplied by UK manufacturer, Shapemaster.

A key part of the ‘move’ experience is the social element. It’s one of the friendliest, most welcoming parts of the facility and members are already making friends since its launch at the end of November.

“I enjoy the move suite. It is a lovely surrounding and has good music. It is nice, clean and I am meeting nice people. You can work out at your own pace. I love it”, said new member, Kath Huntley.

Lewis Freeman, General Manager, commented “The opening of our new Move wellbeing suite, at BST Fitness Newbury, has allowed the Trust to further support health and wellbeing in our local community.  A key aim of the trust is to provide opportunities for more active and healthier communities.  The new Move suite will help us to achieve this for those within our local communities who previously could not find an offer that was right for them ”.

The launch follows the initial introduction of the ‘move’ concept at the leisure trust’s Basingstoke site where many members are experiencing the benefits of power assisted exercise.  Chris Corcoran, Deputy General Manager  added, “We are incredibly proud to be able to offer this facility to residents of Newbury and surrounding communities and are already helping a good number of older adults take part in exercise, some of whom have not taken part in physical activity for many years.”

“It’s friendly, I don’t feel pressured, I’m kept motivated. I want to keep myself mobile. As the saying goes ‘use it or lose it’”, said new member Kim Jones.

The team have also considered the barriers of exercising for those living with limited mobility by installing a chair lift at the facility, Vicky Chandler, one of the Move Supervisors, added “It’s really important to us that we engage people living with long term health conditions and limited mobility, and we hope that the newly installed lift helps a wide range of people to be able to use Move.  We’re really friendly and welcoming and are keen to offer a truly inclusive experience”.

More details on ‘Move’ and other fitness options at BST Newbury can be found at:

Tel: 01635 701100