As a Bluebird Care franchisee, you will constantly be thinking how to add value to your business and to your customers. Since lockdown, more and more older people living in their own homes have chosen Shapemaster as their exercise and health & wellbeing solution.

Providing Shapemaster power assisted exercise machines as an option for your customers would increase your value and help retain your customers for longer, create a USP that your competitors don’t offer, and generate a new income stream for your business.


Shapemaster is the UK designer and manufacturer of power assisted exercise equipment

Established in 1989

Improving lives in hospitals & rehabilitation facilities, leisure centres, boutique gyms, health spas, residential homes and individuals IN THEIR OWN HOMES .

50+ UK leisure sites in addition to independent/high street sites

30+ installations within worldwide leisure, medical & rehabilitation facilities

50 Feelgood centres in Norway and Austria


  • The over 55s.
  • Anyone with poor mobility and those living with long term conditions

  • Anyone who may be restricted to exercising in their own home

For individuals in their own home, the following equipment has proved popular due to their exercise therapy benefits:


The Chest and Legs provides a full body workout improving arm strength and lower limb muscle strength and balance. For those living with a cardiorespiratory condition (e.g. COPD, Asthma, Emphysema) the ‘interval training mode helps improve stamina, whilst for people living with neurological conditions or disability can benefit from improved symmetry and strength.


The Seated Climber provides users with a great aerobic workout. The stepping action helps improve walking capability and the upper limb movements ensure shoulders are strengthened and stretched, providing an increased range of movement in the upper body. In addition, all round mobility is improved for walking up stairs, as well as helping to improve capabilities for reaching down towards cupboards etc. at a lower level. It’s a fantastic machine for joint mobility – particularly the shoulders.


The Cross Cycle exercises the full body and provides a great cardiovascular and resistance workout. The cycling action improves leg strength whilst the arm action develops upper limb mobility and strength. The combined aerobic and strengthening benefits greatly improve aerobic fitness. The machine is non-load bearing with knees moving in a consistent cycling action, with 100 degrees of flexion on the upward movement and 10-15 degrees on the mid point of the downward movement – overall, knees are moved up to 75% of their flexion. It also encourages good movement of the hips (and hip flexors), quadriceps. knee extensors and hamstrings – all prime muscles and joints.

Whilst this equipment has been our most popular, some customers have occasionally chosen other equipment from our range.



To the Franchisee…

Added value to the care plan.

Increases the potential to keep the customer in their home for longer – therefore retaining their custom and increasing wellbeing.

Adding value with ongoing programme developments for customer exercise.

UPS – advantage over competitors. Shapemaster are prepared to give exclusivity of product for 1 year in the domiciliary care sector to Barchester Care.

Franchisees would receive a £500 “Introductory Finder” from Shapemaster on goods within their territory. Time and effort rewarded to the individual Franchisee.

To the Customer…

Increasing their physical, mental health & wellbeing in the second half of their lives

Maintain independence and increase mobility, balance and flexibility

A stepping stone for maintaining access to other activities – e.g. walking, exercise etc

Preventing or slowing down the onset of long-term conditions

Reassuring family members – key influencers.

Access to exercise progressions provided by our research partner – the Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre, based at Sheffield Hallam University

With no outlay and no risk – just benefits to you – why not ask for a chat with one of our team:

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