The UK’s leading disability lifestyle publication, Able Magazine has awarded Shapemaster a 5 star rating for its ‘Cross Cycle Plus’ power assisted exercise machine.

The machine which was initially trialled (by users living with long term neurological conditions) at the West Berkshire Therapy Centre and subsequently launched at the Naidex annual conference and exhibition in April helps promote lower limb action and alternate flexion and extension for the upper limbs as well as strengthens the thigh and shoulder muscles. Essentially as the name suggests, it’s a seated cross trainer.

Not only does the Cross Cycle Plus provide an aerobic workout but it also has a 7” touch screen console which features a variety of feedback options including effort for both left and right (side), distance, power and calories consumed. It also features a swivel seat and drop down arms for optimum accessibility and a lever operated seating system to ensure good positioning.

Editor of Able Magazine, Tom Jamison said: “We take great care to see things from the disabled person’s point of view. It’s not just how well a product works, it’s about ‘canI live with it?’’Does it look good?’ Great products bring together form and function, be it a new car or a simple gadget to make life that little bit easier.

It’s great when we see a cracking product that will genuinely help a disabled person in their day-to-day life”.