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Why Shapemaster?

Shapemaster is a British designer and manufacturer of power assisted exercise equipment with an international reputation based on 30 years of engineering knowledge and excellence. We supply our equipment to leisure and rehabilitation facilities around the world.

Our power assisted exercise technology provides a ‘helping hand’ in a low impact, full-body workout circuit for exercisers who demand to work smart and effectively.

Our equipment attracts older adults and those living with long term conditions to leisure centres. It is safe for all age groups and abilities as users do not need to provide the motive force to overcome inertia. There are no weight stacks to control, just safe and effective power assisted technology.

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For exercisers, Shapemaster is:

  • Fully inclusive exercise
  • Intuitive, safe and effective
  • An exercise and social lifeline

For leisure centres, Shapemaster brings:

  • A new type of membership income
  • A long-term partnership to generate bottom-line results
  • Leadership and shared knowledge for active ageing and LTCs
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Professionals trust Shapemaster

“We’re delighted with the record 263 new members who joined so far and we’re rocketing towards our annual target. But more importantly the suite has introduced a whole new demographic of people into the Centre.”

Dave Smele, Head of Healthy Lifestyles, Circadian Trust

“Our partnership journey started with superb customer service from installation and training was provided to my fitness team from Shapemaster’s highly knowledgeably Physio team, launch weekend support with a team present, constant support dialogue, sites visits subsequent to our opening, membership support, and excellent event support for our first members evening, where Shapemaster arranged for Sara Payne- MBE to come down as a guest speaker, which attracted a great member audience.”

Janine Rodgers, Health & Fitness Manager, Watford Woodside Leisure Centre, Everyone Active

“Our Shapemaster Suite has proved to be a vital part of the centre, providing the appropriate level of exercise along with an important social hub where people can come together. In addition it gives those with various disabilities an opportunity to exercise and so improve their condition.”

Karol Butrimas-Gair, General Manager, Hatfield Leisure Centre, GLL

“We have worked with Shapemaster for over 5 years and have developed with their support two separate Feelgood Factories. Both are very different: one is in a traditional leisure centre and the other is in a stand alone venue in a local High Street. We genuinely recognise Shapemaster as one of our most valued partners in our industry in respect of working relationship built on honesty, trust, cooperative approach and support. Some of the stand out examples are training and outreach support This support has led to significant results in regards to reaching more clients. Overall Shapemaster have been and we know will continue to be a valued partner within our business and its increased potential and revenue.”

Ian Barker, Community and Funding Manager, Your Leisure

“We would highly recommend Shapemaster and their equipment. The support they have given us over the years has been tremendous. They’ve always listened to our feedback and been attentive to our needs which has helped us grow as a business, but most importantly, it has allowed us to support and improve the health and wellbeing of our local community.”

Ben Frary, Operations Officer, Lincs Inspire